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Dec 8, 2013 12:15am EST
rob, my mentor from johns hopkins andy harris rand paul. all of these guys, i cannot tell you how disappointed i am in trying to seek some sensibility to fixing this problem. i think we as physicians have taken the brunt of this. no one wants to touch the insurance companies. noaa to touch the legislative issues and no one wants to touch toward. no one wants to touch the other issues. i am curious could you be my intermediary? >> washington needs a therapist. are you one? be the problem with health care reform that we ended up getting the is that it didn't then the cost curve and it didn't handle a lot of the issues you are talking about. there was safe pass on tort reform because they couldn't get enough votes if there was tort reform in their. big pharma got it cut out. the big hospitals got cut out. there was really no addressing i think the top issues affect that yes we are spending more money per patient than any country in the world. this is not an issue of money. this is an issue of having a system that doesn't reward good outcomes. i tell this story and i will say very bri
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1